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Abbasi TV APK For Android (Latest-v14.0) Free Download. If you are looking for the best TV-based mobile applications then you are at the right place. Here we will give you the best advice on the best mobile TV application which is the Abbasi TV app.

This application has all the best features you can find on any high-end LED device in your home. It is really difficult to discuss all the features here, so the full list of features of this application is discussed below.


Below are some of the superior features of Abbasi TV APK. Here are all Abbasi TV features below for users.

Free TV

Abbasi TV allows you to watch 50+ Pakistani channels every time you open this application. All you need is a strong internet connection. Abbasi TV is free to install and watch content without any subscription fee.

  • Interface
  • Turkish plays

And yes, your favorite plays will be accessible to you, such as Ertogrol Ghazi All-Season, Carlos Usman, Sultan Abdul Hameed, Mehmetik Qatul, The Yameen Waada, and many more.

Drama and movies

Watch Pakistani, Turkish,

and Indian dramas everywhere. You will not be bound by geographical location or be forced to stay on the television screen to watch entertaining dramas.

You will always have mini-sized televisions with you and you can easily watch whatever you want.

The Game

Play your favorite mini-games on the Abbasi TV app. This application is versatile as it will not only allow you to watch dramas and movies but will also allow you to play mini-games. So there is no doubt that every time you open it, it will help you to get rid of your anger.

It will also offer you to watch the world game every time. If you are a sports person and like to watch sports then this application will help you to see any kind of help from all over the world.


Not only mini-games but also short video clips will be updated daily to watch them. These videos will be included for free and will not cost you a penny to watch and entertain.

Free Use

The interface of this television application has been so easy to understand and use that no prior knowledge is required after installation. As mentioned in its application, it will not only serve as a mini mobile TV application.

But there will be many categories to search for. You will find daily games, videos, photos, and even sports news so we can say that this application is for one purpose only.

Live stream And Safe

This application will also allow you to view live streaming. For example, you can watch live streams of any game around the world. Since this application is available on Google Play Store, there is no concern about its security of this application. This application is also safe for you to install and use on your android devices, and android based devices.

Compatibility & Find filters

The Abbasi TV APK is compatible with almost every Android-based device with an operating system version of more than 4.0. Search any drama or movie by search filter, the content you have searched for will appear in the form of a list after which you can choose.


Q: Is the membership charge of Abbasi TV on monthly basis?

No, this application will not cost you subscription charges.

Q: Can we watch Turkish dramas on Abbasi TV?

Yes, you can easily search any play by filter and it will appear in the form of a list and catalog. Select the season and episode you want to watch

Q: Is it free to install Abbasi TV?

Yes, you can easily install this app on your Android.

File Info

  • File Name:    Abbasi TV APK
  • Size:              8 MB
  • Version:         v14.0
  • Updated:       March 13, 2024
  • Price:              Free Of Cost
  • Category:       TV

At Last

Of the many variations on the mobile TV-based application, we recommend this application because of its rich features. Users use most of the potential of this application.

This request cannot be for a single task that has different tasks to deal with. If you are looking for the best mobile-based TV Application then try it at least once on our recommendation.

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