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When you hear about BTS, the first thing that comes to your mind is the group of South Korean boys who are ruling the music world right now. Millions of fans out there are eager to attend a concert BTS at least once in a lifetime. Then there comes AMONG US Game v2022.7.12. If you are reading this, you must be familiar with this game where a spaceship’s crew discovered an outside mystery that was trying to destroy them. This game has attracted several teenagers in the US. So, if you are one of them, then there is a piece of great news for you. As the developers have merged both the popular BTS and AMONG US in one, AMONG US BTS MOD apk.


AMONG US BTS MOD APK has come with a unique upgradation. As AMONG the US has been a top-rated game in this era, there have been some modifications introduced in this apk. This game was originally introduced by a YouTuber and caught the eye of many people in Indonesia. Soon, it became a very popular app because of its easy user interface and highly challenging mode. There are many versions of AMONG US APK out of which AMONG PINK has been a recent hit. You just need to beware of the imposter among your crew.

If you are an old player of AMONG US, then you must have known that it contained some features that required membership. Users had to buy a premium membership to access many levels and features. Well, you will be pleased to know that this problem has been solved in AMONG US BTS MOD. This mod provides you with a free purchase of skins and themes. You can switch to various characters without spending a single penny for them. This mod has been a better version of the original as it had limited access to the feature.

AMONG US BTS MOD has many interesting features that the original version lacks. The developers have not changed the original version but added some new features to make it worth playing. Like, you can change themes and skin colors without investing a huge amount. Also, you can add background music from your favorite BTS which makes the game more intense. There are numerous other versions of the games that you can look for. But this apk provides you with all the thrill that you need without paying a single penny.



Usually, downloading games from unauthorized websites has the disadvantage of ads that interrupt your game. But AMONG US BTS MOD apk is an advertisement-free application that doesn’t involve any external disturbance.

Unlock all the features.

Unlike the original version which asks you to buy 300,000 coins for unlocking all the features. This apk provides you with a free-of-cost purchase. You can have access to all the themes, unlock all the skins, and purchase your favorite pets as well.

Imposter version:

If you are tired of being the hero and want to be the villain for some time, you can switch to the imposter version. You do not have to be the crew mate all the time as AMONG US BTS MOD benefits you with the instant switching from crew mate to imposter status.

Background music:

As this apk is a combined version of AMONG US and BTS, so the developers have contributed to playing the pop hits of BTS songs as background music for the game. That adds flavor to the game which makes it more interesting to play.

End vote:

If you are in a hurry and want to end the game, you can simply cast the vote against the imposter that will end the game quickly.


  • Fast game speed.
  • Enhanced graphics.
  • Imposter radar
  • Kill no cooldown
  • Safe to use.
  • Easy controls and user interface
  • No requirement for a root system.
  • Free of cost.


Like many other games, this apk also provides you with easy downloading and installation steps. Follow the instructions below to have your apk right away:

Download the AMONG US BTS MOD APK.

  1. Allow installation from unknown sources from your mobile’s settings. That will not cost you the device’s safety.
  2. Once downloaded, go to the file manager and search for the downloaded apk file.
  3. Click on the install button and wait till the installation is completed.
  4. Here you go. Enjoy your free application for unlimited fun.


  • If you are a regular player of AMONG US, then this will be a matter of a few seconds to learn how to switch to BTS MOD:
  • Install the game as provided by the above instructions.
  • Open the game. Fill in the required fields like name and local server etc.
  • After that, tap on create a room and wait till the room is created.
  • Then click on the Menu and select the features you want to avail yourself of.
  • Close the window and enjoy your game without any interruption.


AMONG US BTS MOD APK provides you with all the premium features that you wanted to see in the original version. You can play with your friends as well as other players and earn coins to reach the top of the scoreboard. You will not have these features in any other version of AMONG US BTS MOD APK that will offer to you free of cost exciting features. Download this apk right away to experience real-life fun and challenges.