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Apk Easy Tool Review

Free download Apk Easy Tool Latest Version For Windows. Now assemble and compile, modify and manage your APK files as you work on them using the APK Easy Tool. Because most people now do almost everything on their Smartphones, attention has shifted to the development of appropriate apps that will make our daily activities more comfortable and convenient.

This quick and clear increase in demand for Android apps has necessitated the creation of tools to help developers manage their apps on the go. The simple APK tool, designed for Android application developers, is robust and lightweight. The app allows the developer to manage, merge, decompress, and sign all APK files in his project file.

Handle app updates and bug fixes using one tool

The posted tool has an easy-to-use and attractive feature that allows for easy file selection and functionality for drag and drop. In the interface, the developer can quickly see the unique details associated with the selected APK file being displayed. Details include:

  • Name Package
  • Type Of APK
  • The minor version of SDK and version code

The Toolbar tab allows you to make changes using key functions and or additional options. Also, the functionality of the tool allows you to perform the following actions;

  • APK integration and corruption
  • Sign APK file
  • It also extracts and installs the APK file

Alternatively, when working on Read-Only-Memory (ROM) files, some changes can be made with the draft tab. And for the purposes of the test tray and for recording purposes, all functions are stored on the log output tab.

An Effortless Application for Managing APK Files

One outstanding feature of the tool is that you can easily write an APK file by creating new code and applying changes using drag and drop functionality. So you save yourself a lot of time and energy.

Now here, guys if you are managing an application that requires constant updating and debugging, the Apk Easy tool can help you manage your APK files smoothly and efficiently.

File Info

  • Latest Version: v1.60
  • Name File: APK Easy Tool
  • File Size: 49.6 MBs
  • Update Version: Oct 1, 2022
  • Price: Totally Free
  • Supported Operating System:  Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Published: apklite.org
  • Author: evildog1