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Guardians of Cloudia APK Review

Free download Guardians of Cloudia APK (v1.5.7 Latest). Guardians of Cloudia is the most played game after famous games like PUBG, FREE FIRE, and COD. The Guardians of Cloudia is the most played game by young age people. Where you have to play the game using the character to explore the cities and different locations in the game. You have to play a big role in the games. The main location is Claudia, who survives in the game to be the hero of the game. Guardians of Claudia is the most played game after famous games like PUBG, FREE FIRE, and COD.

The game had become more famous a few days after release because of its high quality and realistic graphics. It has made space in the gamer’s heart. Before starting the game first of all you have to choose the character that you want to play the game with. If you talk about the gameplay of the game it is wonderful, the battlefield is very awesome. Taking the fight with enemies, in the battle, you can also choose two subclasses, for your character.

The game is a gift for Android users. All over the world, you can also download it for Ios, and Pc as well. Guardians of Cloudia APK is free of cost on download, so you do not have to pay for other games. Download the game and play the game to be the king of battle. If you do not want o register on APK. You can easily register in the game using the guest mode, in the latest version. Guest mode is an update, so you can easily. Fastly register in the game, and play the game to have fun.

Main Features of Guardians Of Cloudia

In the last version of Cloudia, the features are not upgraded. But in the latest version, each feature is updated, so users can use them easily. Here are key features down here, check out them.


There are different characters that you can use to play the game, you can also customize your character by applying different skins and outfits that are specifically made for the character.


Graphics are high and realistic, to provide you with wonderful views that all other famous games provide. Enjoy the game by playing with high-quality graphics.


The game is free of cost and it’s downloaded, so you just have to click on the link that we have provided you at the last of the page, go down, and get the latest version for free from here.


Guardians of Cloudia APK is friendly with Android V4.4 & up, this is wonderful, you know that all other famous that require V6.0, do not aware of it, it will work properly with your smartphone having Android v4.0.

Exlpore thegame world:

In the game, you will explore different places time by time, in a new and wonderful environment. Play the game past stages to explore the game world to be the hero of the game.

How to download Guardians of Cloudia APK?

If you like the game and want to download it, it is simple. We already provided the link at the end of this page. Scroll download and click on the download to get your hand through the latest version for free of cost from the site. Select the folder in which you want to download the APK.

  • First of all, download APK from the link at the end of the page.
  • Then, as we mentioned above open the folder that you selected to download the APK.
  • Open it, click on the icon of the APK, and it takes a few seconds to install on your device.
  • After it is done, Guardians Of Cloudia appears on your device screen and is ready to play.

Alternative Games of Guardians Of Cloudia

There are millions of games on Google. Some are very famous and free to play. The best alternative game for Guardians Of Cloudia is PUBG. (People Unknows Battle Ground), Free Fire, Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile Lite, etc. These are the best free alternative game of Guardians Of Claudia. You can also download these games from our site. Best app-zones.


If you are a lover of adventure, and searching for a game. Then you play to be satisfied, then Guardians Of Claudia. It is best for you, to explore and show your skill in the adventure. So download the game from the link at the bottom to get your hands on the game.

Additional Information

NameGuardians Of Cloudia
CategoryFree role-playing game
Size3.0 GBs

Latest Version (v1.5.5) =====> Free Download

Free Download Link (old Version) v1.5.1 _ 2.20 GBs