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Metal Soldiers 2 Mod Apk Review

Free download Metal Soldiers 2 Mod Apk Latest-2023 (Unlimited Money)-v2.86 For Android. Metal Soldiers 2 Mod is a popular single-player action and shooter game on Google Play. Apart from offering stunning action and stunning graphics, you can also play this game in offline mode. Of course, playing a typical platformer game can be entertaining in itself spend your spare time.

Metal Soldiers 2 can be downloaded on Google Play for free, but there are certain in-game items that can be purchased to speed up your game progress. If you do mind, then there is an option to download a modified version of Metal Soldiers 2 which has added some premium aspects for free without having to pay a penny.

Metal Soldiers 2 Mod Overall Review                         

Metal Soldiers 2 is a popular action and shooter game which is developed by Play365. It’s so good, there are around 50 million Android users who play this game on their smartphones. This game is designed to be so complete, starting from various characters, dozens of challenging levels, gameplay typical of legendary platformers, and realistic graphics.

Seeing the extraordinary interest of users, third-party developers took the initiative to develop a modified version of Metal Soldiers 2. Yes, they created a game mod that has excellent features that will make it easier for players. They can use these features to be able to complete all game levels in a short time.

1. Casual Game and Challenging Gameplay

Metal Soldiers 2 doesn’t require complicated game controls, so it’s suitable as an entertainment medium that doesn’t make you dizzy. Players only have to move the virtual joystick on the smartphone to maneuver to beat the waves of enemies that keep coming. You don’t need a combination of complicated maneuvers because the character only needs to move forward/back/up and shoot.

Even though it has easy game controls, Metal Soldiers 2 still offers excitement when playing it. Through this game, you will be forced to plunge into a field and face various enemies with different levels of difficulty. There are various kinds of enemies that you will face, armed with pistols, machetes, and even robots.

The things above are what makes this game so popular among many people. Apart from being available with a variety of different characters, players can also upgrade power-ups so they can complete missions easily. You can upgrade armor, ability to jump, money maker, and much more. In essence, this game is so fun and it’s a shame if you miss it.

2. Lightweight and Can Be Played Offline

Metal Soldiers 2 is a very light game that won’t burden your smartphone. So you don’t need a high-spec smartphone to be able to play Metal Soldiers 2 smoothly. It’s so light, a smartphone with 512MB of RAM can run it without difficulty. However, for a good gaming experience, it is recommended to use a cellphone with 1GB of RAM.

Besides being lightweight, you can also play Metal Soldiers 2 without an internet connection, which will definitely save you significantly on internet data usage. This is a massive advantage for players because they can play this game anytime and anywhere, especially when they are in areas with poor signal quality.

3. Mod Version with Abundant Premium Features

Playing the original version of Metal Soldiers 2 is very challenging because you have to try hard to finish it. You have to collect a lot of money so you can upgrade and unlock characters with stronger skills. Not infrequently, you have to fail repeatedly just to finish one level.

If you don’t want this to happen, then you can play Metal Soldiers 2 which has been modified. The modified version offers various beneficial features for free, such as unlimited money, unlocking of all characters, and many more. Using the modified version will make it easier to finish the game without difficulty.

Main Features of Metal Soldiers 2 Mod

1. Unlimited Money

The main feature that is superior to the modified version of Metal Soldiers 2 is the availability of unlimited amounts of money. You can immediately enjoy this feature when you open this modified game for the first time. If you have abundant sources of money, you are free to do whatever you want, for example, upgrading, buying strong armor/weapons, and much more.

2. Unlock All Characters

Metal Soldiers 2 has many playable characters/soldiers, for example, Johnny, Chuck, Jackie, Lich, Takeo, Kitsune, and so on. All of these characters certainly have different skills and abilities, which are useful for being deployed in terrain with varying levels of difficulty.

So, if you use this modified version, then all the characters above are already open without having to make a purchase. Now you can choose any character you want to fight in various difficult and challenging levels. So, choose your favorite character and jump into the various levels of the battle that gets more difficult each time you complete it.

3. Unlimited Lives & No Ads

Through this mod version, you can upgrade your character’s life so it won’t be game-over after your HP (Health Points) runs out. So you have the opportunity to finish the level without having to start over from the beginning. Apart from that, the Metal Soldiers 2 modification also eliminates ads, aka advertisements, so your gaming activities will be comfortable because there are no distractions at all.

4. Attractive Gameplay & Stunning Graphics

Metal Soldiers 2 offers challenging game levels in three different areas which total up to 120 levels. You can complete each of these levels against a stunning and realistic graphic setting. You are free to roam in the platformer’s signature terrain filled with realistic buildings and obstacles.

Metal Soldiers 2 also offers futuristic gameplay because players also have the option to use mechas, aka robots. Yes, before starting a level, you can buy a robot/vehicle to use which can crush enemies more easily.

Specifications and Download Link Metal Soldiers 2 Mod

  • Application Name: Metal Soldiers 2 Mod APK
  • Size: 133.48 MB
  • Version: 2.86
  • Price: Free
  • Required OS: Androids 4.4+
  • Web Site:
  • Published: Jan11, 2023

How to Install Metal Soldiers 2 Mod

After the download is complete, “Install” the APK file. Done, now open Metal Soldiers 2 modification and enjoy the abundant mod features. Metal Soldiers 2 Mod is a modified game developed by (Pay365) a third-party developer and has brought various premium features for free. If you install this mod version, you can enjoy beneficial features such as unlimited money, free upgrades, unlock of all characters, no ads, and others. you can enjoy all these features for free without having to pay a penny.

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