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Free download Vivo IPL 9 Cricket Game (2023-Latest) For Windows. The Vivo Ipl 9 T20 Game is one of the most popular leagues in the Cricket World held annually in the summer of India. As cricket is a very popular sport, especially in India this league is what fans wait for all year and need to see fierce games and some have the desire to play similar tournaments and games. Agree with that? Good.

Overview of IPL 9 Cricket Game

So those who were looking for an Ipl cricket game for Android will definitely be disappointed with the IPL 2020 lineup. We invite you to stay tuned to the end of this post to learn more about the Vivo IPL game. You can also download many other applications, software, and games from

Here listed below are many features of this game that make it the perfect IPL game for PC players to enjoy the unique IPL League Version Game. The latest IPL matches alternative was about to be released but since the IPL 2020 is delayed. So is the IPL 2 latest edition It is definitely a modded version. But still one can get the best experience in this 2019 Vivo IPL cricket match.

So, basically, it is

  1. Integrated Model
  2. Accessible via PC
  3. Made with all the details up to date & accurate
  4. Now, Let’s Understand the Needs of the IPL Game and its key developers …
  5. Requirement for Vivo IPL 9 2019-2020 Game
  6. System prerequisites for Vivo IPL 2019-2020 Game:
  7. OS: Windows 7/8/10
  8. Properties: x64, x86
  9. DirectX: DirectX12 API
  10. Memory: 512 MB
  11. Video Memory: 1 GB
  12. Critical Requirements for the IPL 2019-2020 Game
  13. Original cricket 07 game
  14. Game controller
  15. IPL Mod and IPL Roster File
  16. Some Imp files i.e. added to (Jukebox & Batpack)

What is a Batpack?

Batpack is simply the Bat text for this Vivo IPL 2019 cricket match that includes the latest bats for pro players. Bat files come in the .fsh file format you need to set up in the game. The nice thing is that you can assign any bats to any players to show that you are in control of the game.

What is a Jukebox?

Guy’s jukebox is essentially a record that includes sounds, music, games, and effects music/songs in the game. At the same time, enjoying the winner of the IPL 2020 game. You may listen to and enjoy different pre-installed music. It has some functions where the sound is played immediately after hitting the border. So every time a jukebox is installed, you will feel like a real IPL.


Batpack is a required sports file but the Jukebox is preferred!

Key features of the Vivo IPL

  1. The Complete Competition for IPL 2019 is awarded to the Latest Logs Teams
  2. Well-designed IPL Kits for most IPL 8 teams
  3. Real Reform IPL 2019 Tournament + New Camera Angles + New Player Coats
  4. New IPL stadiums have been provided such as Wankhede, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, etc.
  5. Player Face [100+ new player faces for 2019]
  6. New IPL 2019 Jukebox + Batpack + Gameplay modes are all provided
  7. HD Drawings Scorecard overlay and additional game graphics (Like IPL images) provided.

Complete 20-20 format combined with other Powerplay + Custom Outfield setup options Picture-in-picture + Batsmen, Bowler Confidence Meter + Different Weather Conditions + Different Crowd and many more features provided.

How To Download Vivo IPL 9 Cricket Game

At the last, read all points and find the way to the download section. Where you will find real download hyperlinks from Vivo IPL 9 game download for pc. Once there, click on the link/start button to visit the IPL 19 download page.


It’s a MediaFire link only but closed with a Bitly URL shortcut, simply check the functionality of the links. No spam!

Free download for IPL

First, you will come to our download page where you will find all the links for this game. If you click on this, you will come to the Media Fire Download page which has a little information about the File, obviously, you can see the word A2 Studios Vivo IPL 9 game download for Android Slogfest Patch (Mod) on the left next to this download button.

  1. However, the Download size of the IPL Mod is 269 MB (No problem, we all have JIO / Airtel Internet with high speed)
  2. Just click the download button and it will be downloaded in seconds. (Depending on your online rating)
  3. That’s all. Follow the same to download other texts.

Guide For Installing Vivo IPL 9 Cricket Game

The ipl game installing process is very simple. now follow the step-by-step point above for the Vivo IPL9 10. But if you find these steps difficult or with little experience here is another option. We found a video on RK Studios that shows you how to install IPL 9 cricket on your PC. You can search it on Youtube, but to make things easier, we’ve embedded that man’s video. To see the movie and if you need more help, just comment on your question and we will try to help you.

Here’s why …

Some Cricket Games have an ipl 9 Section video or so Internal IPL features that enable you to run IPL tournaments, right? But all in all that is not true, some are out of date for the participants and some have obsolete forums. This IPL match is a real treasure because this game is made for many IPL Cricket fans, regardless of system specs.

Final Words

The latest game works on a low pc over a high pc Vivo IPL 2019 matches 9. (See system requirements above) Additionally, this game does not require additional game controls (from how you can use it to improve the gaming experience), and also the best part most of this game is completely free!

Vivo IPL 9 Cricket Game Free Download

Click the ‘Download’ button and start the Vivo IPL 9 latest version Cricket Game ===> Free Download

Note: It does not work above the link. Then download the below link.

Free Download.